One way to get involved in YOUR union is to participate in one (or more!) LEA Committees. Many of the committees only meet once or twice each year. While some committees are limited to who can participate (e.g., the officers are required to be a part of the budget committee), most are open to anyone and do not require you to be part of the Executive Board. Please contact the LEA office if you would like additional information or are interested in a a particular committee.

2018-2019 LEA Committees 

  1. Audit
  2. Board Screening
  3. Budget
  4. Calendar
  5. Communication/Publications & Community Relations
  6. Constitution
  7. COV
  8. Elections
  9. FCPE/Legislative
  10. Grant Procurement
  11. Grant Review
  12. Insurance
  13. Liaison
  14. LPDC
  15. Membership
  16. Negotiations
  17. Grievance
  18. Jim White Scholarship
  19. Special Education Liaison
  20. Office Management
  21. Gary Mauller Gale Pride Award
  22. Recognition Social
  23. Teacher Evaluation